Mogadishu - Fruitful consultations on Draft Political Parties Law

A three-day Consultative Process on Somalia’s Draft Political Parties Law concluded in Mogadishu on Monday 23 November 2015.

At least 200 delegates attended the consultative meeting. Participants included representatives of political parties, federal and regional administrations and the civil society.

“The draft legislation was compiled by experienced professionals and it has been circulated throughout the regions and civil society. The reason why we are further discussing on it today is to make sure all contentious issues are addressed. Your comments will inform the final draft of the bill which will be submitted to the cabinet and the legislature for further consideration,” announced the State Minister for Interior and Federalism, Mr. Abdirashid Mohamed Hidig.

The Minister explained that consultations on the draft law have been extensive, to ensure contentious phrases are fleshed out, amended or removed. The just ended consultations, was a culmination of wider efforts by the ministry of interior, to collect suggestions, ideas and opinions from diverse groups of people regarding the proposed new law.

“We strongly believe this country to be a country led by political parties and I want to promise that your views will be considered,”emphazised Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Hussein Odawaa, the Minister of Interior and Federal Affairs:

At a press conference held at the end of the conference, officials from the Ministry of Interior and Federalism fielded questions from journalists on the proposed new law.\“Participants at this meeting played an important role in making positive contributions regarding the completion of this draft legislation. Their views and proposals will be considered. The ministry will present this draft legislation to the Cabinet as soon as possible, before tabling it before parliament,” Yahye Ali Ibrahim, the Permanent Secretary for Interior and Federal Affairs said in a statement he read out to journalists at the press conference concluding the consultations.

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