ELGAB ambulatory before and After rehabilitation
Clinic renovation and Skills Training Improve Quality of Life in Mogadishu

Thousands of people in Mogadishu are enjoying a better quality of life thanks to a newly-renovated health clinic and a skills training program that were supported by the UNDP’s Employment Generation for Early Recovery (EGER) Program.


  • Newly renovated clinic serves a large population in Mogadishu
  • Over 350 workers gets employment at the newly renovated clinic

The Elgab Ambulatory Clinic, located in southern Mogadishu, was virtually destroyed during Somalia’s long civil war. Rubbish and thick weeds covered its grounds and the clinic had only two rooms that were suitable for child birth.

To restore the clinic, the Ministry of Health of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) contracted The Organization for Social Protection and Development (OSPAD) in February, 2011.

Working quickly, OSPAD renovated the clinic from top to bottom. Structural improvements were made to the building, a shallow well was sunk and an incinerator, water tank, and public toilets were installed. The clinic was also completely cleaned and painted.

Work was completed in only two months and today the clinic serves a large population, particularly Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who are vulnerable to disease.

Government authorities and the local community and Somali authority are both happy with the renovated clinic, which will greatly improve healthcare services in the area.

The success of the renovated Elgab Ambulatory Clinic might also inspire other non-governmental organizations to salvage and restore more buildings in Somalia, making them useful to the local population.

The Ministry of Health, district administration, elders and women formulated and implemented the project. Over 350 workers were hired on the project, including 191 women. The project is designed to benefit about 15,000 people indirectly.

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