Strengthening Legislative Capacity of the Galmudug Parliament

UNDP Parliamentary Support Project had been supporting Somali National Federal, Somaliland and Puntland parliaments to function as inclusive, transparent and effective law-making bodies which engage in national dialogue on policy priorities, peace-building across a divided political spectrum and state-building as efforts are made to implement the Provisional Constitution.
In 2016, UNDP has extended its partnership to Somaliland Upper House, Jubaland and Galmudug Legislative Assemblies with the project support being closely aligned to the priority needs of the parliaments in fulfilling their obligations towards core functions (legislative, representative and oversight).
Galmudug Parliament had been provided with a three-day workshop on legislative drafting aimed at introducing MPs to the fundamentals and techniques of legislative drafting. The workshop took place at Adado Presidential building. The Speaker of the Parliament, second Deputy Speaker and over 50 MPs participated the three-day’s workshop. The workshop focused on addressing the needs of the MP’s especially in considering the significant number of legislative drafting challenges that individual committees and MPs will be able to overcome as a result of participating in this workshop.

Galmudug Parliament expressed its gratitude to UNDP for this and qualified expert who delivered the workshop. This resulted in a better understanding of MP’s of the legislative drafting. They learnt how to perform Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) to enhance the quality of laws and consider the social, economic, political and environmental impacts of a draft-laws. With this training, they now know what makes a well-drafted legislation.”

With support of the EU, UK, Norway, and Sweden; UNDP Parliamentary Support Project works towards the enhancement and strengthening of the technical and functional capacity of the Parliaments and Parliamentarians in Somalia so that they can be transparent, accountable and moreover make laws that serve the best interests of the people and communities they represent.

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