Inclusive Politics

Strategic Objective: Achieve a stable and peaceful federal Somalia through inclusive political processes. UNDP’s approach to support inclusive politics in Somalia is through three strategic areas: state building, support to constitution-making, and support to elections. New programmes on constitutional process, electoral support and parliament process, will build on these key themes.

Our Goals

Strengthening state structures and supporting stable and peaceful political processes is one of the core priorities of UNDP in Somalia. Building democratic institutions, such as a functioning parliament with a robust constitution, is crucial for Somalia’s transformation to a peaceful and prosperous nation. Further, UNDP will provide stable support in the build-up to national elections set for 2016.more

“Now, we have a constitution.”

“There are 3 classical powers. Each of them are well defined in the constitution. There is the legislative parliament and there is the executive with the president. And then you have the judiciary. The result of their work must coincide and be the elements that take the country forward.” - Mohammed Osman Jawari Speaker of the Federal Parliament of Somalia. more

Our Stories

Approximately 100 Somali youth benefit from UNDP’s Alternative Livelihoods to Piracy project in Eyl.
Helping young people realize their potential in Somalia

Like many young men in his village, Mohmed Deer didn’t have many plans for his future.more 

Women participating in Civil Service Institute training supported by UNDP.
Somaliland Civil Service Institute

he Civil Service Institute (CSI) was inaugurated in 2005 with UNDP assistance; it provides a combination of short courses and long term trainings to civil servants and private individuals. more 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Community Security

    Bringing civil society on board to build a safe environment provides a crucial foundation for recovery and long-term peaceful development. Local government, police forces and prosecutors cannot function sustainably without involving their communities and addressing concerns and needs of the people.more 

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