Support to the Federal Government of Somalia in Stabilization in Newly Recovered Areas

What is the project about

The Support to the Federal Government of Somalia Stabilization in Newly Recovered Areas was conceptualized in 2014 in the context of the renewed offensive by the Somalia National Army (SNA) and the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) to retake territory from Al-Shabaab in South and Central Somalia.  The project was elaborated in response on the basis of the stabilization strategy of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS). 

To support FGS stabilization efforts under the Government Stabilization Strategy in newly recovered areas, the ‘Support to Stabilization’ (S2S) project is supporting the establishment of care of caretaker and interim local administrations capable of leading an inclusive dialogue towards the formation of permanent and representative governance structures. The project also builds the government’s relationship with citizens by promoting reconciliation between communities.

The S2S project not only help the establishment of the governance structure in newly recovered areas but also works with the Federal, State and Local Government levels to improve accountability and transparent government financial processes, this is to enable the government to play their part in delivering services to the communities within the Federal structure of Somalia.

Expected Outputs

 The six key expected outputs of the project are as follows:

•    Output 1.1: A coordinated and functional Stabilization team is in place at Federal and district levels

•    Output 1.2: Financial procedures for the flow of funds between the various levels of governments are implemented and allow for financial support to caretaker district administrations

•    Output 1.3: Coordination mechanisms for stabilization efforts are established with relevant stakeholders at national, state and district level

•    Output 2.1 Community representative District Peace and Stability Committees (DPSCs) are established and strengthened

•    Output 2.2: Civic dialogue and consultations are held to ensure community participation in the formation of new district governing structures

•    Output 2.3: Interim district administration capable of addressing the community needs and enhancing citizen engagement through social contract by delivering reconciliation for all are established

What We Have Accomplished

The S2S project contributed to the following results:

- The National Window is operational, which means UN MPTF / UN PBSP funding is transferred to the Government Central Bank and funds are managed utilizing the Government PFM system.

- The first ever intergovernmental transfer of payments, from Central Government (Central Bank of Somalia) to District Administrations were made. Thus a total of 12 districts administrations (in newly recovered areas) receive monthly financial support from the Central Government for operating costs of the districts.

- Third Party Monitor/ Monitor / Fiduciary Monitoring Agent have been contracted and are operational to provide fiduciary monitoring services on the implementation of the National Window S2S project funds.

- Enhanced coordination mechanisms among Federal Government, State and Local Government for stabilization efforts and intra-governmental fiscal transfer and management systems.

- District Peace and Stability Committees (DPSCs) established in 11 districts functional with a total of 244 DPSCs Members (including 31 women)

- Radio messages have been aired across target districts increasing awareness of local communities on topics of stabilization and the building of inclusive and responsive local authorities.

- 15 newly recovered areas have a functional district administration (interim administrations) capable of addressing their mandate on security and supporting district council formation processes.

Donor Resources

2015 - 2016

Source of Funds:

UNMPTF- PBSO/PBF - US$ 4,123,420


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2015 US $679,750.34



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