Joint Programme on Youth Employment Somalia (JPYE)

What is the Project About

The Join UN-Federal Government of Somalia Youth employment programme recognizes the potential of Somalia Youth`s as agents for change for Economic growth and Social development and will focus on them to build Somalia`s future. the Component of value chain analysis and development combines a range of interventions aimed at addressing the demand for Labour by tackling the constraints in sectors/value chains with potential for growth and development.

Expected Outputs

The JPYE Project has been designed in consultation with the FGS and regional member states.  The three key expected outputs of the project are as follows:

Output 1:  Capacities of public, private and academic Institutions built to undertake value chain analysis and key interventions Identified

Output 1.2: Key interventions Implemented to improve their long-term potential for growth, productivity and employment.

Output 3: Urban infrastructure projects implemented (roads, environmental works, storage facilities, markets, etc.)

What have we accomplished so far?

The  JPYE  Project contributed to the following results:

  • The Joint Programme on Youth Employment (JPYE) has been fo­cusing on interventions in the fisheries sector for the past quarter, identifying the sector as the one with the largest potential to create between 28’000–40’000 new full time jobs and another 33’000–45’000 part time jobs.
  • JPYE has conducted various labour market assessments to under­stand the employment opportunities and inform the design of vocational trainings for unemployed and underemployed young people. The additionally undertaken TVET assessment has mapped potential partners in delivering training in Berbera, Bosasso, Kis­mayo and Mogadishu.
  • 170 vulnerable youth from all 17 districts of Banadir region joined in constructing the Mogadishu One-Stop Youth Centre (MOSYC), which secured them some small income. The MOSYC site has been cleaned up from garbage and construction debris, and a sports field as well as a training room have been constructed on the site and in use since May. The centre is already fully up and running, with weekly health talks since June and sports activities since May. Talks are currently ongoing with partners in Kismayo to open a local youth centre on an old sports field.
  • Short-term employment opportunities have been provid­ed to some 3’490 vulnerable youth in Kismayo, Cabudwag, Be­letweyne and Bosasso through the rehabilitation of 13 irrigation canals and over 20 water catchments. The infrastructure projects have increased water storage capacity and help over 1’500 farmers to channel water. Additional 1’600 short-term jobs were created for youth working on road rehabilitations in Berbera and Baidoa.

Donor Resources


JPYE (2015-16):

Total amount

$ 1,538,566

Sources of funding:






$ 0.00

Total resource to mobilize


JPYE  (2015-16):


$ 694,491


$ 0.00

Total Expenditure

$ 694,491


2015 – 16 –$ 694,491

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