Community Stabilization through the Socio-economic Integration of Vulnerable Youth

What is the Project About

The overall goal of the project is to expedite community stabilization and sustainable recovery in selected Newly Recovered Areas (NRAs) of South and Central Somalia with high concentrations of vulnerable youth (IDPs, refugees, ex-offenders, and youth at risk of engaging in illicit activities such as piracy and terrorism).

Expected Outputs

The Community Stabilisation Project has been designed in consultation with the FGS and regional member states.  The two key expected outputs of the project are as follows:

  • Output 1: 300 youth at risk (including IDPs, refugees, ex-offenders etc.) provided with social rehabilitation support, market-based vocational training and education and / or basic business skills (approximately 150 per NRA).
  • Output 2: 12 Community and/or productive assets rehabilitated (2 in each of 2 selected NRAs. Examples might include hospitals, community centres, feeder roads, water points etc.).

What have we accomplished so far?

The   Community Stabilisation Project contributed to the following results:

Donor Resources


Community Stabilisation (2015-16):

Total amount

USD  1,500,000

Sources of funding:




Total resource to mobilize


Community Stabilisation Total expenditure (2015-16):

Total Expenditure

$ 226,524


2015 – 16 –$ 226,524

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