Alternative livelihoods to Piracy ( ALTP)

What is the Project About

The objective of this project is to strengthen community resilience against piracy through social rehabilitation, local economic development, and job creation and support entrepreneurs both men and women in Alola and Bargal districts of Puntland as well as Balanbale and Abudwak districts of Galmudug region.

Expected Outputs

The ALTP project has been designed in consultation with the districts and Community representatives.  The five key expected outputs of the project are as follows:

1. Social rehabilitation of vulnerable youth within communities affected by piracy promoted

2. Long term employment fostered through provision of employable skills and local economic growth stimulated  through grants to micro and small scale enterprises

3. Social and  productive infrastructures rehabilitated

4. Knowledge of local authorities  and communities on local level planning , monitoring  and counter-piracy related issues improved

Project reviewed and new concept and initiative on piracy developed.

What have we accomplished so far?

· The Social rehabilitation component completed in Q1 of 2016 where over 60 youths received   basic literacy and numeracy trainings and awarded with training Certificates

· Skills training for 140 beneficiaries  completed in Alula and  Bargal districts of Puntland State where all graduates received tool kits and commodities equivalent to $500 per head to enable them with  long term employment opportunities .In addition skills training for 60  trainees is ongoing in Balanbale district of Galmudug State and anticipated to complete in August 2016

· Construction/Rehabilitation of six infrastructures completed (1- Lafa-gorayo feeder road rehabilitation, construction of 2 Irish culvets in  1-Alula and 1-Habo, 1-Balanbale MCH construction , 2-Solar systems Installation ( 2KVA for Bargal Youth Center and 3.4 KVA for Balanbale  MCH).The Very facilities have been successfully handed over to the Community and district administration

Local community training and anti-piracy campaigns for 40 participants (20 per district) were completed in Alula and Bargal districts while in Balanbale 30 participants received a session on piracy awareness whilst remaining sessions expected to complete in August 2016. The training objectives was to improve the Knowledge of local authorities and communities on local level planning, monitoring and counter-piracy related issues in the targeted districts

Donor Resources


ALTP  (2015-16):

Total amount

            US$ 1,617,836

Sources of funding:



             US$    1,537,836



           US$    80,000.00

Total resource to mobilize


ALTP Total expenditure (2015-16):


           US $ 1,370,812




Total Expenditure

US$ 1,370,812



2015 – 16 – US$ 1,370,812

Project Photos

Skill training session in Alula  and practical session in Bargal

Completed Alula Irish culvert connecting Bargal and Alula

Construction work of culvert between Alula and bargale

Rehabilitation of access road leading to Alula and bargale   MCH site in Balanbale district





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