Strengthening Institutional Perfomance (SIP)

What is the project about

The SIP project support the capacity development of the Federal Government of Somalia as well as the State of Puntland. The Project aims to enhance the performance in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of the partner government institutions through three key components of support aimed at overall gender mainstreamed institutional capacity development of the government institutions:

a)    Capacity Injection, through provision of short-term ‘embedded’ advisory positions
b)    Civil Service Management, through development of a comprehensive HR Management Framework, as well as a training and professional development strategy, and
c)    Core of government functions, through supporting the development of the new development plan and associated M&E arrangements, supporting Aid Coordination, and gender mainstreaming.

The Project will ensure to have effective harmonization with other CD programmes, specifically that of the World Bank.

Expected Outputs

The seven key expected outputs of the project are as follows:

Output 1: Capacity gaps in priority institutions filled in placing staff and advisors in priority positions.

Output 2: Rationalized and updated Civil Service Management policy, framework, system, processes, and guidelines developed.

Output 3: Improved training policy, facilities and plans proposed.

Output 4: Strategic guidelines developed for internal Government coordination, good governance and strategic communication

Output 5: Assessments, tools, and plans developed to mainstream gender

Output 6: Guidance to undertake Development Planning, M&E and Aid Coordination including reporting developed.

Output 7: Project management and implementation arrangement is established ensuring appropriate project implementation.

What have we accomplished so far?

Major developments supported by the project in the FGS and Puntland include:

- Short term capacity support: 44 local advisors placed in the FGS core of government institutions (The number of staff supported in Q2 is 44 (10 – OOP; MOPIC – 11 (5 new); MOIFA – 1; ACU – 21 (3 less from Q1) and MOF -1) and 9 in Puntland since the beginning of the project.

- Aid management support: Full support is provided to the FGS Aid Coordination Unit based in the OPM to ensure coordinated aid management in Somalia and management of the SDRF processes.

- Civil Service Law Reform: Both the FGS and Puntland Ministries responsible for labor laws and regulation have been supported to review and draft new legislation to update the FGS Civil Service Law #11 (last reviewed in the 1960s) and Puntland’s Civil Service Law # 5 and the corresponding regulations to make them responsive to the new realities of managing the civil service and labor force in Somalia. Documents remain in draft form pending Government approval.

- Functional Reviews supported for nine key government Ministries in Puntland giving guidance on horizontal and lateral changes to be made for efficient and effective Ministries.

- Launch of draft National Development Plan (NDP): The process to elaborate the National Development Plan (NDP) was launched in October 2015 and has since been supported by the project with technical expertise and financial resources. On 29 June 2016, the Federal Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC) presented a draft summary NDP, at Villa Somalia in Mogadishu. The last Somalia NDP was presented in 1986.

- Puntland - Review of the Second Five Year National Development Plan (2015 – 2019): The Puntland government embarked on a review of the Second Five Year National Development Plan in May 2016. The product to be launched in September 2016 will be a Three Year NDP covering 2017 – 2019 which will be aligned to the Federal NDP.

- Support to FGS Office of the President Policy Unit: The project continued its support to the Policy Unit in the OOP. The Policy Unit provides support to the FGS President on a number of national issues related to policies on budgeting and finance, maritime and national security, finance, legal and constitutional affairs.

- Puntland Development Forum: The Puntland Development Forum in Puntland was launched on 31 December 2015 with the project’s support in cooperation with UNSOM. Its purpose is (i) To establish effective and strong intra-governmental coordination and information management within Puntland State that supports internal coherence and the achievement of strategic priorities and (ii) To strengthen the capacity of Puntland State to engage with federal development planning and aid coordination processes.

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