HIV AIDS Project

What is the project about

As a trusted development partner and co-sponsor of UNAIDS, UNDP’s main focus is to build national capacities of government at all levels and work closely with civil society to support a coordinated and effective response to the HIV & AIDS epidemic (UNDP strategic plan, 2008-2011).

The main strategic priorities for UNDP Somalia Country Office are outlined below:

  1. Strengthen the coordination capacity of the National AIDS Commissions, in order to promote coherence and coordination at the regional and national levels through our support for Regional Working Groups (RWG) to avoid duplication and ensure that all HIV work is well harmonized.
  2. Support the creation of an enabling environment by assisting governments to finalise the HIV/AIDS Policy in each zone as well as an HIV/AIDS Bill to Protect the Rights of People Living with HIV & AIDS. In addition, UNDP Somalia has a media project to help sensitise people about HIV & AIDS issues. Protecting human rights and promoting gender equality are essential to reduce vulnerability to HIV as well as mitigate the impact of AIDS on women and girls. Promoting an enabling legislative environment and women’s empowerment is critical to scaling up HIV/AIDS responses.
  3. Strengthen District and Community Responses to HIV & AIDS in Somalia. This is required to link efforts being made at a national level to those at a regional and district level, in order to ensure the participation of a wide range of stakeholders across government as well as with civil society and the private sector. UNDP is introducing an initiative called ‘Community Conversations’ in Somalia to help strengthen District and Community responses to HIV & AIDS.
  4. Promote meaningful engagement of civil society participation in planning, implementation and evaluation of AIDS responses – particularly by supporting networks of people living with HIV, women’s groups, and vulnerable and marginalized groups affected by AIDS.
  5. Mainstream HIV & AIDS issues into the work of all other UNDP programmes

What We Have Accomplished

A highlight for all three zones was the participation of a range of stakeholders in the validation meeting for the HIV National Strategic Plan 2015-19 in Kampala in April. The NSP is supported by three zonal operational plans. The NSP is the guiding document for the HIV response in Somalia for the coming years, and for the development of the next Global Fund proposal

UNDP is also working closely with UNAIDs (as the lead) and other UN agencies on the development of the HIV National Strategic Plan.

Federal Level
UNDP continues to work closely with South-Central AIDS Commission (SCAC) to help better coordinate and support all HIV stakeholders. UNDP works with two local NGOs, AAWDO and HDC to support the rights of PLHIV. These NGOs have also started Community Conversations in Gedo and Benadir regions.

UNDP works with the Puntland AIDS Commission (PAC). NGO partners implementing the community conversations are Badbaado in Bossaso and TASS in Garowe. They continue to be strong partners.

The Somaliland National AIDS Commission (SOLNAC) is the main government institution mandated to nationally coordinate HIV response in the region and supported by UNDP HIV unit. YOVENCO and Talowadag are the key partners for HIV & AIDs projects. They are very strong partners that are implementing Community Conversation on HIV in Berbera, Borama and Hargeisa. TALOWADAG PLHIV network has taken up the role of implementing CC in Hargeisa and Borama and also supporting in empowering PLHIV through provision of sill development trainings and know your rights trainings.

In Somaliland, 1246 people (F: 948; M: 298) have been reached in 25 Community conversation sessions on HIV conducted in target areas of Berbera, Borama and Hargeisa. There is HIV Radio messages that are aired from Hargeisa radio on a daily basis targeting the general population to reduce stigma and discrimination. AIDS Commission conducted three IPTCS and M&E working group meetings with key stakeholders to support and coordinate programme activities, share information, review and streamline M&E/IPTCS data and programme activities. President of Somaliland reiterated his support towards NAC during the yearly official speech of the president in front of the cabinet and the parliament.

Who Finances it?

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 Donor name   Amount contributed per year in US$
IOM 52,698
UNFPA 19400
GLOBAL FUND 1,441,395
UNHCR 60,213
IOM 33,600

Delivery in previous fiscal year in US$

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Dec 2013 868,889
Dec 2012 1,770,981
Dec 2011 1,020,510


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