2016 UNDP Annual Report on Rule of Law and Human Rights
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Rule of Law and Human Rights

Nov 1, 2017

UNDP is fortunate to be a part of the UN rule of law community, which firmly approaches rule of law assistance as part of the broader sustaining peace agenda and has led the charge for joint UN programming through the Global Focal Point for Police, Justice, and Corrections.  In this annual report, you will find an overview of the Global Programme’s engagement in 34 countries affected by crisis, conflict, and fragility. Part I, Year in Review,reflects on international policy developments affecting rule of law assistance and provides key country-level results achieved through the Global Programme in 2016. Part II, Country Profiles, presents an analysis of individual country programmes supported by the Global Programme. Lastly, Part III, Financial Information, provides a detailed look at support mobilized for the Global Programme both at headquarters and in the field. UNDP remains committed to delivering context-specific rule of law, justice, security, and human rights assistance that is informed by the political environment and conflict analysis to contribute to sustaining peace. We look forward to enhancing our partnerships within and beyond the UN to ensure that our support is strategic and responds to the needs and aspirations of the communities in which we operate.

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