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Vice President of Hirshabelle launches joint UN and Government project to address displacement

The Vice President of Hirshabelle, Ali Abdullahi Hussein (Ali Guudlaawe), has launched a joint Government and UN project, called Midnimo II, which will work to support livelihoods and access to…  

Midnimo 2-Durable Solutions for Displacement

This project capitalizes on the successes of Midnimo-I project and builds on progress made in state/ district expansion of authority and accountability, to address challenges of conflict,…  

Somalia increases peace building efforts with launch of 2019 UN Peacebuilding Fund

The Government of Somalia and the United Nations have launched a five projects supported by the UN Peacebuilding Fund at an event this week in Mogadishu, which will be implemented by UN agencies in…  

EU – UN – IGAD Cross Border Project to accelerate 2019 cooperation between Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia borders

At a two-day event in Addis Ababa, the European Union and UNDP have developed a joint action plan to boost cooperation between Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia borders for 2019 period  

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