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Local economic development boosts family incomes, keeps kids in school

Khadra is one of 50 women helping to boost the economy in Somaliland by working in Gabiley’s thriving market, with knock-on benefits for health and education.  

Transforming local government: A bird's eye view

Decades of civil war have destroyed much of Somalia’s physical infrastructure and fractured trust among different communities, individual citizens and the state. So how to fix the damage? This…  


Over 1.1 million people, or nearly ten percent, of the Somali population live in protracted internal displacement. Another one million Somalis are in displacement in neighbouring countries, bringing…  

Capacity for Investment Promotion and Economic Development

The main objective of this project initiation plan is to support the Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development (MoPIED) to strengthen three (new and interrelated) main functions: a)…  

Vice President of Hirshabelle launches joint UN and Government project to address displacement

The Vice President of Hirshabelle, Ali Abdullahi Hussein (Ali Guudlaawe), has launched a joint Government and UN project, called Midnimo II, which will work to support livelihoods and access to…  

Support to Aid Management and Coordination

This project builds upon the support to the aid coordination architecture that was provided through the Capacity Development Programme (CDP) of the UNDP since 2013, when initial support was provided…  

Goal 1: No poverty

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