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Camels, slapstick and wit

Somalia’s leading comedians produce comedy series on COVID-19  

Somali National Army takes part in the fight against coronavirus

Somali National Army (SNA) soldiers are taking part in a nationwide campaign to combat COVID-19. Whenever a national disaster occurs, the country’s army plays a huge role in rescue operations and in…  

Communications to Slow the Virus in Somalia

As COVID-19 spread closer to Somalia, our communications team aimed to slow the spread while others prepared to deal with the effects of an outbreak likely to overwhelm the fragile healthcare system.  

New Somali WhatsApp Chatbot Helps in the Fight against COVID-19

The bot answers community FAQs, corrects misinformation, and offers perspectives on how to cope with the quarantine.  

The right person at the right time — Dr Sadiyo Siad’s reusable face masks could save thousands of lives in Somalia

With healthcare infrastructure incapacitated by decades of conflict, Somalia needs to respond rapidly and innovatively to prevent the worst impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Everything you need to know about COVID-19 in 2 mins

Know the symptoms and stay safe with our new animation  

Solar power takes on COVID-19

Saving money on heating means more is available for medicine and cleaning staff in Somaliland’s largest hospital.  

Somali storytellers helping to spread the word — not the virus

With a health infrastructure devastated by decades of war and low levels of public awareness about how to avoid infection, Somalia faces incalculable damage to both people and institutions if it can’t…  

UNDP sets up communications hub as first line of COVID19 defence in Somalia

One lesson is already clear from the COVID19 pandemic: the faster you get the message out on how to prevent infection, the quicker people change behaviour to slow the spread and save lives.  

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