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Where there’s a will, there’s an app - 26 smart ideas from young Somalis to improve life in Mogadishu

A blog by UNDP Somalia Innovation team

In 2018, UNDP and Microsoft called on young Somalis to develop smart ideas to find technical solutions to the many development challenges the residents of Mogadishu are currently facing. 26 candidates have now been selected to pitch their ideas for funding and support.  

Pick your favourite!

  1. Reconnecting families. Abdullahi Hassan Awale’s idea is an app to report sightings of missing persons. “Most people separated by conflict just do not know how to get back in touch with their families,” he says, “and this app will help them reconnect.”

  2. Smart blood bank. Ayan Abdulkdir Hassan has an idea for a ‘smart blood bank’ app that will “help hospitals match donors with patients who need blood.”

  3. Linking doctors to patients. Abdullahi Mohamud Ahmed plans to develop an app for making appointments with doctors. “In this way you can make an appointment from anywhere at any time without waiting for hours in hospitals.

  4. Modernising registration. Mohamed Hersi Mohamud hopes his app idea will provide a solution for registering births and deaths and generating certificates and statistical reports in a country where many births and deaths are not registered.

  5. One-stop job shop. Safia Abdisalam Mohamed’s app will help bring employers and job-seekers together and list vacancies to match skills to jobs.

  6. Online training. Abdifatah Abdilahi’s app will help make different sorts of trainings more accessible for all - “a learning tool for companies and schools that reduces training costs.

  7. Textbooks for all. Harun Hasan Abdirahman’s proposal will make textbooks more accessible. “Scientific books are very expensive in Somalia“ says Harun, “but my app will make these books available for poorer students.

  8. Taking the red tape out of tests. Abdullahi Mohamed Abdinur’s proposal is an app to improve access to high school exam documents “to save young students time and money”

  9. Buses without bother. Abdullahi Mohamed Noor’s app will make public transport in Mogadishu easier to use. “Finding a bus in this city is a nightmare!” Abdullahi says, “but this app will direct travellers to the nearest bus-stop and the best routes.”

  10. Accommodation at a click. Abdirahman Mohamed Dirie wants to develop an app that helps people select the most suitable accommodation in Mogadishu. “It can be difficult for visitors to find hotels in this city,” says Abdirahman, “but this app will present all the information they need in a couple of clicks.”

  11. Flat-finding made easy. Abdirahman Abdi Ahmed wants to create an app that makes it easier for people seeking to buy, sell or rent housing and land. “With this app,” says Abdirahman, “users will get information about all the properties available in their preferred location.”

  12. Hassle-free renting. Shafie Abdi Mohamud also wants to develop an app that streamlines the process of renting. “The app will connect property-owners directly with tenants,” explains Shafie, “cutting time and costs.”

  13. 24/7 laundry. Abdirashid Yusuf Osman wants to help facilitate the city’s first 24/7 dry-cleaning service. “With this app people can contact an on-demand dry-cleaner whenever they need this service.

  14. Fast wash. Mohamed Osman Alim wants to develop an app that helps people locate nearby laundry services and arrange for immediate cleaning. “It will connect businesses with customers,” he says, “and that means more information and choice and a lot of time saved.

  15. Salons on demand. Farhan Hussein Abdi wants to create an app for making appointments with hairdressers who will come to your own home, office or hotel. “This app will save people a lot of time,” says Farhan, “and boost business for hairdressers."

  16. Flawless ordering. Munira Hadi Omar has an app idea for restaurant customers to order online, even before arriving at the restaurant. “It also improves accuracy,” he says, “since it’s less prone to human error.”

  17. Best deals for meals. Najma Mohamed Hassan wants to design an app that helps users find the best food delivery services for their needs. “You just type in your location and food preferences and the app will present the best delivery services.”

  18. Landmark app. Kamal Sadik Ahmed’s app helps visitors in Mogadishu get around. “The layout of this city is complicated, and streets often have no names,” he explains, “This app provides all you need to get to your destination.”

  19. Site locator. Bishaar Abdisalam Mohamed wants to develop an app that provides a clear guide to the most popular sites in Mogadishu. “This app will help visitors find the easiest way to get to interesting destinations in the city,” says Bishaar.

  20. Online gas. Abdirizak Abdulwahab Mohamed’s app will save people having to travel to a gas distribution centre when they want to buy gas cookers. “With this app you can order online from home,” says Abdirizak, “and that saves time and money because the delivery is free.

  21. Health and Safety at your fingertips. Ahmed Abdullah Haji’s app will helps prevent workplace injuries. “The app will give up-to-date advice on health and safety,” says Ahmed, “and guidance on what to do in specific situations.”

  22. Stress-free flight booking. Ibtisam AbdiRahman Ali’s app will make it much easier to book flights online. “My app means you can get airport info in one place and book from wherever you are.”

  23. Driving business. Osman Hussein Hashi has designed an app that matches car-dealers and car-hire firms to customers, “saving time and boosting business”.

  24. Monitoring traffic in Mogadishu. Abdiwali Mohamed Abdullahi’s app will streamline the reporting of traffic offences and “make the existing system less time-consuming”.

  25. Dedramatising delays. Abdifitah Ahmed Farah has an idea for an SMS notification system for employees to inform employers when of traffic and other delays.

  26. Productivity booster. Ahmed Abukar Abdiwahab has an app idea that alerts users of important tasks, including meetings, bill payment dates and reminders to take medicine.

Students with similar ideas are already teaming up. Stay tuned for some exciting updates next week: #Innov4Som

Get in touch with us at innovation.so@undp.org if you are interested in partnering with us on this initiative.


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