The novel coronavirus, COVID-19 has become a pandemic, threatening to overwhelm health services and harm vulnerable economies. UNDP is working with its partners to combat the spread of the disease and to support the most affected countries where health systems are weakest and people are at their most vulnerable.
One lesson is already clear from the COVID19 pandemic: the faster you get the message out on how to prevent infection, the quicker people change behaviour to slow the spread and save lives.
This year’s International Women’s Day is a global call to eliminate inequality between men and women.
Facilities supported by UNDP offer delivery, vaccination, nutrition and birth registration.
See how women entrepreneurs and local government can be a powerful combination for change
Decades of civil war have destroyed much of Somalia’s physical infrastructure and fractured trust among different communities, individual citizens and the state. So how to fix the damage? This 2-minute video explains how UNDP is helping local governments rebuild economies, repair social systems and restore trust as part of the UN Joint Programme on Local Governance (JPLG).
For many years, Khadra sat under a tree by a dirt road in the small town of Gabiley and called it her shop. She’d spread her vegetables on the floor and wait there in the afternoon heat, watching them gather dust as people wandered past, some stopping to buy something, but most not.

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12.3 million



Of the population under the age of 25


Of parliamentary seats are held by women


Of the population use mobile money

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