292 youth to help make the streets in Banadir region, Baidoa and Kismayo safer

May 21, 2017

Understanding leadership, civic education, first aid, rule of law and the justice chain is critical to improve security and interaction with the police in Somali communities, particularly among the youth. The University of Mogadishu this month trained 292 youth volunteers, who participate in community policing initiatives in 19 districts in the Banadir region, Baidoa and Kismayo.

The United Nations Joint Rule of Law programme – with funding from the Government of Japan – aims to bolster the role of communities to ensure their own security and make their streets safer. Community policing promotes cooperation with the Somali police, along with respect of human rights.

Jubaland Police Commissioner, General Yusuf Hussein Dhumal underlined that such training will enable community volunteers to build effective ties between their community and the police, consequently making Kismayo’s streets safer.

“The teachers gave us an opportunity to share our experiences and our daily challenges. The first aid course was very useful because we live in Mogadishu where violent attacks happen often and knowledge of basic first aid is crucial for a youth volunteer in case of emergency,” said Najma Mohamed Hussein, 22, community policing volunteer in the Banadir region.

For Najma, the rule of law component of training was also critical: “Born during the civil war when no law institutions were functioning, I knew very little about rule of law, human rights and individual freedom under the constitution.”

“I have learnt the importance of educating youth on the rights and duties of citizens, about those of the state, and how such rights and responsibilities foster peace, security and rule of law,” concluded Abdifatah Omar Ahmed, 23, another community policing youth in Banadir, currently bachelor student in public administration.


Mohammed Al-Qussari, Police Technical Specialist Rule of Law, UNDP

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