Somaliland Civil Service Institute

Jan 5, 2012

Women participating in Civil Service Institute training supported by UNDP.

The Civil Service Institute (CSI) was inaugurated in 2005 with UNDP assistance; it provides a combination of short courses and long term trainings to civil servants and private individuals. CSI focuses on developing the capacity of the employees in the areas of public financial management and accounting, public administration, information and communication technology – among others.

It provides targeted support to women, through its women’s empowerment short courses.To date, the institute has trained more than two thousand, eight hundred civil servants.

A long term partnership with UNDP has allowed the institute to refine its activities and develop its own capacity, in a sustainable manner. When the institute first started to deliver trainings, 80% of its funds were provided by UNDP; in 2011, UNDP contributed 64%, amounting to $200,000.

In 2011, CSI took steps to address a major perceived barrier to the professional advancement of civil servants: a poor grasp of the English language. SIDP’s QUESTS-MIDA consultant developed an English curriculum, and hired teachers on behalf of CSI. To date 60 people have enrolled in English Language training.

CSI contributes significantly to achieving the long term objectives of the Somali Institutional Development Project by building the capacity of staff in government institutions to perform their roles effectively, and by raising awareness of gender issues, and providing tailored trainings to female civil servants.

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