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  • Somali Electoral Commission launch 5-year plan to achieve ‘one-person, one-vote’ Elections in 2020-2021 Dec 13, 2017

    The National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC) have launched a 5-year Strategic Plan this week outlining a roadmap for achieving ‘one-person, one-vote’ universal elections in 2020-2021 in Somalia.

  • Somaliland applies global resilience expertise to drought response Dec 11, 2017

    Somaliland authorities are carrying out a “Drought Impact Needs Assessment” (DINA), based on a globally recognized methodology, that is identifying long term solutions to recurrent cycles of drought, which are to be delivered in parallel to life saving humanitarian relief. The DINA is being led by the Somaliland Government and supported by the World Bank, the European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN). At a meeting in Hargeisa today, attended by Government officials and representatives from the international community, participants discussed how the methodology will be applied to break the cycle of recurrent emergencies, mitigating the risk of famine.

  • Somalia holds landmark Anti-Corruption Conference Dec 9, 2017

    A first of its kind, landmark conference on good governance and anti-corruption has been held in Garowe, in the State of Puntland, north eastern Somalia this week, attended by H.E. Hassan Haji, Minister of Justice of Federal Government of Somalia; H.E. Eng Abdulhakem, Vice President of Puntland; government officials from the Federal Government, the Puntland Government and other Federal Member States; as well as officials from the United Nations and from Somali civil society.

  • Federal Government of Somalia presents findings on the root causes of recurrent droughts and the investment needed to avoid future humanitarian crises Dec 6, 2017

    During the Somalia Partnership Forum in Mogadishu on 5th December, the Federal Government of Somalia presented findings of the Drought Impact and Needs Assessment (DINA) it has carried out in Somalia, with the support of the United Nations, the World Bank and the European Union. The DINA assessed the root causes and impact of recurrent droughts, and has found damages amounting to USD 1.02 billion and losses estimated at USD 2.23 billion. The investment needed for Somalia to recover and build resilience to future droughts is estimated at USD 1.77 billion over 3-5 years.

  • New uniforms increase visibility of Somali Police Force and bring greater security to communities Nov 23, 2017

    The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has handed over new police uniforms to the Somali police force in Mogadishu today, at a ceremony attended by UNDP Country Director, Mr. George Conway; the Deputy Minister of Internal Security of the Somali Federal Government, Mr. Abdinasir Saed Musa; Acting Police Commissioner of the Somali Police Force, General Mukhtar Hussein Afrah; and United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) Director of Rule of Law and Security Institutions Group (ROLSIG), Mr. Staffan Tillander.

  • Innovate for Somalia: Future Ready Nov 17, 2017

    Join us for a “Future Ready” two week coding training from 10th to the 21st December 2017. You will learn to create applications that solve issues in Somali communities and be able to then share your knowledge with others. The training programme is open to both men and women. It is being run by UNDP's Innovate for Somalia project in collaboration with Microsoft and in partnership with the Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development, Federal Government of Somalia.

  • Importance of private sector highlighted at Somali Government Sustainable Energy Forum in Mogadishu Nov 8, 2017

    Representatives from the Somali Federal Government, Federal Member States, United Nations, and local and international private sector have met this week in Mogadishu for a two-day, first of its kind forum on increasing access to sustainable energy in Somalia. Private and public sector investment, regulation, and partnership amongst the sectors attending were highlighted as central to increasing energy access in the country.

  • 45,000 people to have greater access to clean water in Baidoa Oct 27, 2017

    The UN Migration Agency (IOM) is partnering with the Government of Somalia and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to provide greater access to sustainable clean water for over 45,000 drought affected internally displaced persons (IDPs) and host communities in Baidoa, in the South West State of Somalia. The project is part of ongoing Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) activities and drought response work being carried out by IOM and UNDP in the area.

  • UNDP youth leadership and peacebuilding programme opens in Mogadishu, part of wider youth for peace initiative Oct 27, 2017

    A week-long competitive UNDP Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) has started today in Mogadishu, which will see 30 young men and women learn how to take leadership roles to bring about social transformation, build peace, and spearhead innovative ideas in reducing barriers to employment and economic development in Somalia. Selected participants from the training in Mogadishu will go on to receive further in-depth training at a UNDP Arab States regional leadership event in Cairo.

  • UNDP expresses profound sympathy and condolences to all those affected by the 14th October attack Oct 25, 2017

    The United Nations Development Programme extends it profound sympathy and solidarity to all those affected as we mourn the terrible loss of life and devastation caused by the attack on Saturday 14 October 2017 in Mogadishu, when more than 400 people were killed and over 300 were wounded.

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