Intern Succeeded to Get Job Through Merit Based System


Ifrah Abdullahi is a 24 years old from Bossaso in Puntland.  After completing University studies, she had a difficult time and faced challenges to find a  job placement.

The failure to secure a job, Ifrah believes, was not her fault but long standing cultural and institutional barriers that limit women’s ability to explore beyond the traditional housework. She did not give-up hope and started seeking help. In her quest to succeed in her journey, she joined Ministry of Planning and International Cooperations as a volunteer and worked with the Director General Office.

UNDP supports the government of Puntland and the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation through Strengthening Institutional Performance(SIP) Project to build capacity of the government institution. And the project in collaboration with the Gender project’s The Young Women Graduate interns initiative supported empowerment of young women graduates from universities and institutions in Puntland to acquire professional work experience.

It is under this initiative where Ifrah received an internship opportunity to work with the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation in Puntland under the support of SIP project, and become Administration and Finance intern.

The Women Graduate Interns were supported by UNDP for the duration of their placement and report to their respective ministries. This initiative tied in with SIP’s outputs of placing competent local personnel in the civil service and that of gender mainstreaming in the civil service emphasizing on more women in the civil service.

"I’m so glad to take this opportunity and see the field of work, in many instance, that is not the case when the issues at hand are women’s issues. I believe women should be leading the ground of employment.”

After completion of the internship period, Ifrah competed for the Head of Finance Section at the MoPIC Civil Service Position, under the World Bank Capacity Injection Project, Puntland which its main objective is ‘to strengthen the staffing and institutional capacity of selected line ministries and central agencies to perform core government function.

"Participation of the recruitment interview and exam for the Head of Finance Section position in a competitive process led by the Puntland Civil Service Commission and International HR firm, was career milestone for me,’’ she said.

" Somali women are very much aware of the roadblocks ahead, but I am determined to make a meaningful change for myself and the society that I am coming from.’’


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