Strengthening the Somali police force to promote peace

A member of the Somali Police Force receives her certificate following the completion of a course on discipline and community policing. © UNSOM

More than 30 officers of the Somali Police Force (SPF) today completed training tailored to boost their skills and knowledge.

The two week long comprehensive training targeted the Professional Standards Unit of the SPF and covered areas ranging from handling investigations, dealing with witnesses, handling crime scenes and human rights and international humanitarian law, among others.

35 participants, including 9 female officers, took part in the training, conducted by the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) in partnership with UNDP, the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), the European Union Capacity Building Mission for Maritime Security, and the UN Police.

The trainers advised that elements of the course were tailored to suit the current needs of the SPF, while the cooperation among the training partners has ensured a balance of skills and experiences being shared.

“The curriculum is especially aimed to prepare officers entering newly recovered areas,” said Peter Faulhaber, UNDP’s Civilian Police Project Manager. “We work with the SPF to identify what the needs are and which in which skills or areas the officers need training.”

As a result, the SPF officers received two weeks of instruction of specific subjects equipping them with up to date knowledge and procedures of police conduct, leadership and management.  

“Here, we help train AMISOM personnel and other personnel working in Somalia on mental health and stress management especially in war torn areas or in combat zones,” said Lt. Dennis Koire, one of the trainers who session focused on mental health. “What we’re doing today, we have gone through with them how to cope with a stressful environment and how you can adjust and cope without being necessarily violent, impolite or rude to others and as yourself, stay healthier and focused so that you don’t impact on your family back at home,”

The trainees said they had gained valuable knowledge and skills, which they would apply in the conduct of their daily duties.

“Police duties always lie with the human rights and we’re dealing with societies so that they can see the police as a positive element that just deals with investigations according to the human rights,” said 2nd Lt. Mohamed Abdule of the SPF.

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