Improving Aid Effectiveness in Somalia

UNDP has continued to play a key role in supporting the setting up and improvement of the Development Assistance Database (DAD) that is accessible to authorities in Hargeisa, Garowe and Mogadishu. 


  • Somali authorities receives Aid Information Management Systems provided by UNDP
  • DAD, Aid Information Management Systems launched in Somalia in March 2011 already contains 576 project information

UNDP provided the authorities of Somalia, Puntland and Somaliland with an aid information management system (the ‘Development Assistance Database’ or ‘DAD’ developed by Synergy, one of the world leaders in aid information management systems.). The DAD is a software application which records information about aid flows coming into the country. DAD was publicly launched in Somalia in March 2011 and already contains information on 576 projects. Over 250 civil servants were trained in the use of DAD. Further updates are underway.

The DAD is an essential decision making tool for the government authorities, allowing them to have an overview of all aid in the country, to assess the alignment of aid projects with government priorities, to identify gaps and duplication in aid delivery, to track results and to hold all involved parties accountable. Operationalising DAD was therefore a strategic first step for a Somali aid effectiveness agenda. Having the DAD in place allows UNDP to develop further support to effective aid management in Somalia, addressing broader issues around alignment, harmonisation, transparency and results based management.

This is already illustrated by the fact that the government of Somaliland produced two ‘aid effectiveness’ reports based on DAD data, assessing donors’ and implementing partners’ compliance with international aid effectiveness principles. These reports served as a basis for discussion at the ‘high level coordination forum’.

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