Democratic Governance

The Governance and Rule of Law Programme responds directly to three of the four outcome areas outlined in the new country programme: capacity-building for peace and human security, strengthened governance and rule of law institutions, systems, practices and services, and gender equality. Under the new country programme, the previously distinct Governance and Rule of Law programmes have been merged as part of an ongoing process to build links and synergies between these two programmes. Project areas currently include local governance, institution building, access to justice, police and community safety.

Our Goals

UNDP works to improve security and protection under the law for all Somalis. It also promotes national and local institutions to steward Somalia’s establishment of good governance and public accountability in an environment where government functions are nascent or have not been functioning.more

A new political era for Somalia

On 1 August 2012, the National Constituent Assembly, selected by a Council of Elders, approved the draft provisional constitution, bringing to an end to the eight-year transition period. This was followed by the selection and inauguration of a more streamlined new federal parliament, the election of a new Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Osman Jawari, and President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. A new Prime Minister, Abdi Farah Shirdon, and a leaner 10-member cabinet including two female ministers were also appointed.

Our Stories

  • The new Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Osman Jawari

    A new Somalia: political transition

    Somalia has ushered in a new political era, demonstrating the civil and political will of Somalis to transform their country into a nation known for peace, not conflict. more

Projects and Initiatives

Civillian Police

UNDP works with authorities in Somalia to strengthen the institutional and technical capacity of Somalia's police forces to deliver policing services to the public. This means building an efficient, effective and professional civilian police service that meets the requirements for community policing as well as the needs and expectations of the Somali people – a force that is both responsive to civilian needs and accountable to civil authority. more

Somali Institutional Development Project

Sustainable progress for the Somali people is only possible if government and public institutions function more effectively and respond to its citizen’s needs. The Somali Institutional Development Project (SIDP) focuses on supporting the government in becoming better at improving people’s lives – from managing its money to learning how to better serve the Somali people. more

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