Climate Change and Disaster Resilience

Despite notable political progress in recent years, Somalia faces a major risk of famine in 2017. Over 65% of the Somali population is rural and engaged in pastoral, agro-pastoral, and subsistence agriculture as a livelihood. Increasing uncertainty around seasonal and annual rainfall, rising surface temperatures, and rising sea levels increasingly threaten these livelihoods, which depend on fragile or over-exploited ecosystems and natural resources. Amid chronic vulnerability, pervasive insecurity, and fragility due to conflict—along with a limited capacity to absorb climate shocks—the humanitarian situation in Somalia is now rapidly deteriorating. Food prices are rising, livestock are dying, and almost 1 million children under five will be acutely malnourished this year, just six years after a famine in 2011 resulted in the death of a quarter of a million people.

UNDP's crisis response

Swift delivery of aid, combined with continued support to the Federal Government of Somalia’s resilience-building projects, infrastructure development, and state-building efforts, will protect Somali communities, contribute to peacebuilding, and avert famine. To urgently address the current drought in Somalia and help communities at risk of famine, UNDP is working with humanitarian partners to deliver water and life-saving emergency support to the most vulnerable people. UNDP also strengthens Government's capacity in disaster risk management.Read more

Help prevent a famine in Somalia

As an individual, you can help us avert a famine among 3 million people in Somalia's drought-affected areas Photo: ©UNDP Somalia/2016 Donate now to support more life-saving water projects

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