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What is the Project About

Parliamentary support to Somalia

The UNDP Parliamentary Support Project started in 2013 supporting the capacity development of inclusive and effective parliamentary institutions on federal level, in Puntland and in Somaliland. Since the second half of 2015 the parliament project has extended its advisory and technical support to the newly formed parliaments (Jubaland State Assembly / JSA, Shout-West State Assembly / SWSA, Galmudug State Assembly / GSA).

The Project has three key outputs: (i) supporting MPs to develop their law-making, oversight and representation skills; (ii) building functioning parliamentary administrations and infrastructures; (iii) facilitating parliamentary outreach and civic engagement, in particular with women and young people.

With support from key donors, namely, Sweden, the European Union, DFID, and Norway, the Project has also been integral in facilitating implementation of the Somalia New Deal Compact in relation to Peacebuilding and State building Goal 1 (PSG1) on Inclusive Politics, in particular, by supporting parliaments of all regions in their representative, legislative and oversight mandate

Expected Outputs


OUTCOME 1: NFP and Parliaments of Somaliland and Puntland capacitated to operate as inclusive, transparent and effective law-making, oversight and representative bodies contributing to national peacebuilding and nation-building goals :-

Output 1 (Parliament Strategic Plan Objective 1): NFP and Parliaments of Somaliland and Puntland supported to enact quality legislation and to maintain effective oversight over the other branches of government according to the interests of all people and in support of peace-building and nation-building

Output 2 (Parliament Strategic Plan Objective 3): NFP and Parliaments of Somaliland and Puntland established as an effective institution, with a functioning administration and infrastructure and leadership supported to discharge their constitutional mandates to fairly, inclusively and transparently manage the business of Parliament and lead the Parliamentary Administration.

Output 3 (Parliament Strategic Plan Objective 2): MPs are empowered to represent and remain accountable to the people and to provide leadership in a way that promotes national unity for Somalis, including young people and women, participative & representative democracy and more effective contribution to political decision-making

What have we accomplished so far?

Strengthening state structures and supporting stable and peaceful political processes is one of the core priorities of UNDP in Somalia. Building democratic institutions – including a representative Parliament is crucial for Somalia’s transformation to a peaceful and prosperous nation.

Since 2013 the project has been consistently providing support to the National Federal Parliament, Puntland HoR and Somaliland House of Representatives. 2015 marked the extension of the scope of work by providing technical assistance to two newly formed parliaments of (Jubaland State Assembly / JSA, Shout-West State Assembly / SWSA, Galmudug State Assembly / GSA). This support is embedded into UNDP’s wider concept of assistance to the Interim Regional Administrations (IRA) and the support to the ongoing state formation process.

The impact of the project in terms of capacity development of Parliaments of Somalia has produced significant positive results and staff members who were capacitated by the UNDP project are now transferring knowledge and experience to new parliaments. This will contribute to UNDP’s efforts of ensuring sustainability of results and interventions.

As a result of the project’s work the three parliaments (NFP, SL HoR, PL HoR)  have a much improved internal regulatory framework and secretariat staff are trained on newly introduced administrative and financial procedures. Substantive support has been given to the preparation of key legislation e.g the procurement law and the anti-money laundering law. An important milestone during 2015 was the strengthening of activities of oversight and constituency visits across all Parliaments. Another milestone to note is the improvement of the security perimeter of three Parliaments (National, Puntland and Somaliland). Also the project has contributed to the establishment of National Federal Parliament, Somaliland and Puntland House of Representative’s websites in line with IPU guidelines for Parliamentary websites.

Progress towards Gender Equality and Gender Mainstreaming

As part of UNDP's continued support to gender equality and gender mainstreaming, and as an integral support of the Project to the Parliaments in Somalia, a number of were dedicated to gender issues.

These include capacity building activities for gender sensitive budgeting and gender sensitive legislation and how to effectively influence the legislative process. The target groups include female as well as male MPs and civil society organizations. Also the project supported female MPs to participate an international conference on gender issues in order to enhance their understanding of electoral systems and processes from a gender perspective.

At the National Federal Parliament level support is provided to the Women's Parliamentary Forum (WPF) by discussing on ways it can participate in the review of the Provisional Constitution and ensure that the review process focuses on women's rights, gender issues, and quotas for female MPs.

The work of female Young Graduates of the National Federal Parliament who are now an integral part of the secretariat staff is highly appreciated by their supervisor and peers. Amongst female graduates there is also a sense of achievement and reward of the work and experience in such an important Somali institution. Their work is considered as significant as they support various parliamentary committees.

In 2015 alone, a total of 131  female MPs and staff from parliaments in all regions were capacitated with trainings including gender sensitive budgeting, legislative analysis, research, and drafting of amendments

Donor Resources

Regular(UNPD-Trac)                 2,318,619
BCPR 695,938                                   


DFID 3,479,495
MPTF 2,728,144
Norway 1,860,697
EU 1,155,332
SIDA 550,000
UNSOM-DPA 483,501
Total - USD 13,271,726


2014 2,784,648
2015   4,918,828

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