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Bringing civil society on board to build a safe environment provides a crucial foundation for recovery and long-term peaceful development. Local government, police forces and prosecutors cannot function sustainably without involving their communities and addressing concerns and needs of the people. The guiding principle of our work is connecting local and national governments, the police and justice systems with civil society to improve safety and security in communities. UNDP fosters the active involvement of marginalized and vulnerable segments of society, women, and youth in the planning, monitoring, and execution of security services.

Through its Community Security project, UNDP supports Somali authorities in the development and implementation of related policies, community correction mechanisms as well as the building of national safety and security infrastructure. These structures vary from the Peace Building Units at the Ministry of Interior (Somaliland) and Ministry of Security (Puntland), the Regional Response mechanisms for conflict, and the District Safety and Peace Committees at Resource Centers for Peace. They also collaborate with civil society, creating a space to host peacebuilding activities. UNDP-supported youth rehabilitation programmes and the establishment of Women's Protection Units is helping to address one of the biggest causes of insecurity in Somali communities - youth violence - while at the same time providing support for victims of violence.

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Crisis Prevention and Recovery
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Ivan Dielens
Ministry of Interior of Somaliland, Ministry of Security Puntland, Ministry of Family Affairs of Somaliland, Ministry of Family Affairs of Puntland, Universities of Hargeisa, East Africa, Mogadishu, Somali Organisations for Community Development Activities (SOCDA), Civil Society Organizations, Local Communities. International Centre for the Prevention of Crime (ICPC), Saferworld, Japan Centre for Conflict Prevention (JCCP), Somali Youth Development Network (SOYDEN), Center for Peace and Democracy (CPD), KAALO, SORSO, Horn Peace, HAQSOOR, and, NAGAAD, ILO, UNICEF, USAID- TIS/IOM. European Commission, Japan, Norway, Denmark
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