The Somali Youth Charter

29 Aug 2012

Report Summary

The Somali Youth Charter was developed by young Somali women and men who were involved in the production of the Somalia Human Development Report 2012.

On studying the African Youth Charter, a group of representatives of various existing youth organizations and groups from Somaliland, Puntland and south central Somalia came together to produce their very own Charter that addresses issues that relate to their daily lives in Somalia. The youth attempted to provide a guiding set of principles that stipulates the aspirations, perceptions and needs of the youth.

Subsequent to its formation, the Somali Youth Charter was disseminated among youth in Somalia through youth groups and organizations and volunteers. In south central Somalia, due to limited access, an international NGO, CISP, assisted in reaching out to young Somalis to gather their feedback on the Charter. Through Survey Monkey, the Youth Charter was disseminated to youth within the Somali Diaspora for their input.

For the first time, stakeholders can refer to one document that spells out young Somalis’ concerns and issues that need to be addressed to empower them socially, economically and politically.


  • Somali Youth declares a unified voice to address common challenges for building an Inclusive Somali society.
  • Somali forms a charter adopted by youth representatives from Somaliland, Puntland and South-central
  • Somali Youth sets aside their differences to come together with the hope of attaining youth empowerment

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