Millennium Development Goals Progress Report Somalia

22 Oct 2013

Report Summary

This report is the outcome of the Workshop on Capacity Building for MDG based Planning and Reporting, organized by HDEU/ UNDP Somalia and held on 30 May 10 June 2010, in Kampala, Uganda.

The report is the first of its kind in Somalia. Despite the deficit in the quality of the report that is inherent with the absence of adequate, accurate and up to baseline data on Somalia, it will contribute to the ongoing efforts towards assessment, analysis, monitoring of poverty and reporting on MDGs.

It will also close the gap in statistical information on Somalia in the regional organizations and international agencies mainly that on the level of poverty and its multi-facet manifestations.


  • UNDP Somalia conduts a workshop on Capacity Building for MDG Based Planning and Reporting
  • HDEU/UNDP introduces a new initiative to strengthen the partnership of Somali administrations with UNDP on planning and statistical capacity building

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