UNDP Somalia Annual Report 2012

29 Aug 2013

Country Director's Foreword

When reflecting on the major milestones for Somalia in 2012, the standout moment is without a doubt the country’s transition from an interim to a new federal government. This historic achievement brought with it new hope; new
promise for a nation that has been wracked by over two decades of conflict and instability.

The transition was the culmination of years of commitment on the part of the Transitional Federal Government, with support from civil society and the international community, to build a more stable Somalia - starting first with the
institutions that provide the foundations for peace, stability and development.

Between August and September last year Somalia witnessed a number of significant markers of progress: the finalization and adoption of the draft provisional constitution; selection of a parliament, Speaker, President and Prime
Minister; and finally, the establishment of a small cabinet of Ministers tasked with bringing key institutions back to life and beginning to shape the country’s development plans. Looking forward to 2013, Somalia is poised to make even greater progress towards peace and development.

Already, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has introduced himself and his government into the international sphere – in the first weeks of his presidency, he presented the country’s development framework – the Six Pillar Policy – to the United Nations General Assembly, and soon after this began to rebuild relationships with neighbouring and allied nations.

The Federal Government of Somalia has already begun work on strengthening its security and justice sectors – which is at the core of ensuring lasting stability and sustainable development. In these areas, UNDP has proven itself to be a trusted partner, working closely with the new government to develop plans to strengthen these core sectors and other government institutions. Institutional strengthening is at the core of UNDP’s mandate, and with almost 50 years’ experience working with governments, UNDP is well placed to support these processes, providing technical expertise, training and logistics support to all to the transition processes, from legal expertise for the preparation of the draft provisional constitution to providing security for the National Constituent Assembly during the presidential selection processes.


UNDP has also established itself as a key supporter of the development of parliament, and is assisting the Ministry of Finance and Planning to develop long term plans to strengthen federal level civil service and public financial management – essential components in improving service delivery to all Somalis


While much focus was on Mogadishu in the latter part of 2012, both Somaliland and Puntland achieved significant milestones, demonstrating increased stability in these two regions. District Council elections in Somaliland in November 2012 proved to be largely free and fair, and saw an increase in the number of female candidates and women elected as Councilors: this rose from two in the previous election to 10. In Puntland, preparations began for District Council elections in 2013. Complementing the increased women’s presence in electoral processes in Somaliland, which claimed independence from Somalia in 1991, an increasing number of women have begun working in the justice sector, the police force, or have been able to pursue tertiary education thanks to UNDP-supported scholarships.


David Clapp
Country Director
United Nations Development Programme



  • December 2012, The first UNDP Country Director moves into Mogadishu
  • UNDP advocates for greater inclusion of youth in political, social and economic spheres and continue debates in Somalia around the key findings of the report
  • UNDP to fund tertiary scholarships for women in non-traditional fields such as business, law and information technology as well as encouraging increased political participation
  • Strengthening of the police and justice sectors; an urgent priority if the new federal government
  • Introduction of police uniforms in Somaliland and Mogadishu was one of the key acheivements of 2012
  • 100 criminal investigators trained and deployed to police stations and criminal investigation department in Puntland

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