UNDP Somalia Strengthening Governance and Rule of Law in Somalia

29 Aug 2013

Report Summary

As the development agency of the United Nations, UNDP’s mandate focuses on human development and therefore advocates for change; connecting countries to the knowledge, experience and resources to help national authorities improve the quality of life of citizens.

UNDP works towards building nations that can withstand crisis and work towards long term growth and sustainable development. Despite a delicate situation of supporting transitional authorities with weak public support, UNDP is widely trusted by the international community and national authorities as the main agency with the capacity to support the emergence of stable national institutions.


  • UNDP Somalia working with state, communities and traditional leaders to drive development that goes beyond economic growth and quick win interventions
  • 2012 - Somaliland released its first four year development plan
  • Vision 2015 - “Somali people make progress towards peace and the Millennium Development Goals through equitable economic development
  • The CPD commits UNDP to making programmes more contextually sensitive, considerably more integrated, and reinforces peace building and the promotion of gender equality within all development programming

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