Recovery and hope after Somalia's deadliest attack

24 Oct 2017

Mariam from the Somali Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs smiles but nods gravely when asked if she was scared. When the powerful blasts occurred on Saturday 14 October in Mogadishu, it was a working day for government employees of the Federal Ministries of Planning, Investment and Economic Development (MoPIED) and Foreign Affairs (MoFA). Both ministries are near the sites of the first and second explosions that devastated Mogadishu that Saturday, explosions which claimed over 400 lives and injured hundreds more. … Read more

Gender equality – the work is never done!

25 Jun 2015

Outreach programme visiting IDP campsOutreach programme visiting IDP camps
Being the youngest in a family of seven, I am constantly reminded by my twin sister, who is slightly older than me by 30 minutes,  that I am the ‘baby’ of the family which I tend to disagree with her but she always wins the arguments! I lost my dad at quite a young age, unfortunately my mother never had the chance to go to school she managed to raise us singlehandedly. She always emphasised the need to get girls educated, this has influenced me throughout my life as I have always felt compelled in helping the less needy members of society, especially women, to excel in life.  Education is the single most powerful way to lift people, especially women, out of poverty. I have been fortunate enough to become a trustee for an international charity that helps orphaned and destitute girls through orphan sponsorship programme in Northern Kenya. Girls as young as 12 years old work to contribute to family incomes, forcing them to drop out of school. Others take on caring roles to assist their mothers, these impacts on their performance. The same challenges facing girls in northern Kenya is experienced by the peers across the border in Somalia; … Read more

Gender Mainstreaming and Procurement: Changing the Way We Work

16 Jun 2015 by Asha Shidane

A UNDP Somalia construction site uses a unique labour force made up of women. At UNDP looks for innovative ways to help Somalis break gender barriers.
Procurement and gender is not something that comes together in one sentence very often. And even less so in Somalia, where women are still hugely marginalized and underrepresented in all sectors of the economy and in the society at large.  While UNDP Somalia addresses gender inequality issues with various programmatic activities, we at procurement unit wanted to be actively engaged too. The idea of gender and procurement was challenging at first, but, with time, we were able to identify avenues for incorporating gender into our work. This is the story of our journey of small strides to mainstreaming gender into procurement of UNDP Somalia that is already showing positive impacts. Our approach was to look at this from equal opportunities perspective. Firstly, we analyzed our statistics. It turned out that most companies that provided services to UNDP Somalia were headed by men. For example, the Expression of Interest carried out in Garowe was attended by 38 suppliers, only one was a woman, a partner in the business and not the owner. A similar initiative in Mogadishu was attended only by men. Additionally the representation of women workforce in these companies was minimal. So UNDP procurement benefits (new contracts, new jobs) were … Read more