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Over the next year, the evolving nature of the Somali political field will continue to create new opportunities for development. Empowered local authorities are taking responsibility for the protection of their citizens and development of their communities. Newly accessible territories are emerging across Somalia. This requires strong Somali leadership, and sustained commitment from UNDP to ensure the equitable, sustainable growth necessary to reduce the chronic poverty experienced over the last two decades.

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UNDP Somalia Annual Report

The Somali Compact, signed on 16 September 2013 at the New Deal Conference in Brussels, is seen as a roadmap for promoting statebuilding and peacebuilding over the next three years. This framework provides a strategic plan towards stability and peace across Somalia. To this end, the New Deal lays out five Peacebuilding and State-Building Goals (PSGs) which focus on inclusive political processes, security, justice, economic foundations and revenue and

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